Priority 4: Schools

Our aim

Our aim is to provide a good secondary school place for every young person on the North Yorkshire Coast.

Why this is an area of focus?

  • Achievement at the end of KS4 is lower than the national average for all, but particularly for disadvantaged pupils (35.6% compared to 41.2% nationally)
    Those schools with the highest levels of deprivation have the weakest outcomes for pupils at end of key stage 4.
  • Some 2,000 young people are currently in a school that does not have a good or outstanding judgement.
  • There is a correlation between schools with the highest levels of deprivation, poor attendance and poor outcomes. Secondary leaders have been clear that managing challenging behaviour is an issue in some of the area’s secondary schools.
  • The ‘school led system’ has not worked here as well as it has in some areas. Deficiency in capacity within the school system to support and collaborate with other schools (including with feeder primary schools) is one of the factors leading to poor outcomes.
  • There is a shortage of strong secondary leadership in the area. There are no secondary National Leaders of Education or secondary teaching schools based within or relatively near to the area.
  • The relative isolation of the North Yorkshire Coast can be off-putting to those looking to progress their career in teaching. We need to do more to market the area to the best teachers and their families.
  • There is an ambition and confidence amongst secondary leaders in the area to engage in greater collaboration, and to attract, retain and invest in talent for the future. Great teaching has the potential to drive attainment and crucially social mobility.

What will we do?

  1. Secondary teaching school: We are supporting a strong secondary school to apply to become a secondary teaching school for the area, which identifies, develops and coordinates expertise for the benefit of young people across a wider network of schools. The teaching school will support a self-improving school system on the North Yorkshire Coast.
  2. National Professional Qualifications: We are ensuring up to 40 middle and senior leaders take up the fully funded National Professional Qualifications offer across all phases, but with a clear first priority being to meet secondary need.
  3. Parental engagement: We are building on schools’ understanding of what works on the North Yorkshire Coast in engaging families in older children’s learning, as well as bringing in practice from outside the area to commission parental engagement interventions for secondary schools.
  4. We are securing strong sponsorship for two secondary schools judged inadequate in the area in order for those schools to quickly improve outcomes for young people.

Our targets

  • 100% of secondary schools in the area will be either good or outstanding, or be on track to achieve this Ofsted judgement at their next inspection
  • This will enable 2,000 young people to study in a good or outstanding school.
  • One or more teaching schools in the secondary phase actively working in the area to support secondary schools.
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