Free School Meals

Families can save around £450 a year with Free School Meals

We’re all feeling the pinch because of the rising cost of living. We want to do all we can to ensure families are accessing all the help and support available to them.

One way families could save money is by taking advantage of free school meals. If parents have a child in Reception, Years 1 or 2, school meals are free for every child.

Children in Year 3 onwards can also benefit from free school meals if their parents are eligible for certain income support and allowances, support under the immigration and Asylum Act, child tax credit, and under certain circumstances – working tax credit or universal credit.

Many families may be unaware that they are able to get free meals. Help us to spread the word too and raise awareness of how people can access this support.

Anyone can check if they’re eligible for free school meals and can apply via: alternatively families can speak directly to their schools who can also help.

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