Maths CPD Available

The Education Endowment Foundation’s Improving Mathematics in Key Stages 2 and report recommends that schools should ‘use structured interventions to provide additional support’ when pupils need to catch up.

Free mathematics intervention training is available for all schools in the Opportunity Area. There are training opportunities for a variety of evidence based interventions from KS1 – KS3, including both keep-up and catch-up interventions. These interventions meet all of the EEF’s report’s criteria for an effective intervention.

Signing-up to the training will include free resource packs to use in school and supply funding will be paid for teachers attending the training on completion of the course. Further details and links to the sign-up pages are included here.

There is a deadline of 11th December for signing-up for some of these courses as we need sufficient time to order resource packs from Edge Hill University.

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