June 2018 Board Meeting

The programme’s Partnership Board met on 8th June at Ebor Filey Academy for June’s board meeting.

In addition to a presentation of the impact evaluation of the programme to be undertaken by York consulting, funding was approved for the following projects:

  • Support for Teach First placements in the area which will help to bring new teachers to the profession and our schools. This will cover 90% of the year 1 fees for placements, as well as provide an innovation award to invest in approaches that help to retain staff.
  • The launch of a programme of events that focus on the promotion of maths and numeracy. These events will be for teachers, students and parents and aim to develop a love of maths and a recognition of the importance of maths skills throughout life.
  • £26k to provide training based on the recent EEF report on effective implementation, supporting participants to understand its principles and then apply these rigorously in the delivery of projects and school improvement.
  • Funding to support the creation of a central web based curriculum and labour market information portal for 16-18 provision and support the development of a common application process across all post 16 providers in the area.


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